Let’s get know each other better. Meet CBRE SSC Real Estate Company

Recent months have significantly accelerated the evolution of the real estate market and changes in which shares affect each of us – company employees, property renters, owners of service facilities etc.

How will office workers find themselves in the new reality after a pandemic? What impact will COVID 19 have on real estate transactions, construction market and financing?

Especially for PICC Members we invite you to be a part of the presentation of the CBRE company (CBRE Group Inc. is the largest commercial real estate company and investment company in the world) that will tell us about its perception of this business and answers to questions about the future of the real estate market.

Andrey Teterevov, Anita Sadlowska, Marcin Kalkucki and Maciej Sukiennik from CBRE Poland and Lior Zilber from CBRE Israel will participate in the meeting.

DATE: Thursday, 4th of June at 9.30 am (polish time)


Participants will be connected with each other through ZOOM application.


We kindly ask you to confirm your participation by June 4th: n.dabrowska@polishisraeli.org