About PICC

Polish-Israeli Chamber of Commerce (PICC) was established in August 2016 as a response to business environment need, due to the continuous and dynamic growth of economic exchanges between Poland and Israel.

The Chamber was founded at the initiative of business people, who realize how important in achieving success is an exchange of experiences, knowledge as well as good and reliable relations.

Polish and Israeli entrepreneurs are connected by the courage in decision making process and by dreams from which the most groundbreaking business ventures arise. Thanks to the courage, Polish people found themselves so well in the business reality after 1989. Because of dreams significant number of start-ups arise in Israel.

The biggest economic driving force in both countries are small and medium-sized enterprises and family businesses, due to our history, multiculturalism and the diversity of Poland and Israel. SMEs creates conditions for a creative thinking.

This is the reason why the Polish-Israeli Chamber of Commerce was founded – as a meeting place for ideas and concepts from both countries. PICC is a platform, which encourage commercial contacts between Poland and Israel and support development of economic cooperation between these two countries.

PICC support Members, among others, by searching business partners, representing companies before the public administration, organizing foreign trade missions, promoting companies and providing a number of additional services associated with the conducting a business. PICC Members also have the opportunity to exchange experiences on the occasion of our meetings and joint activities.

An important element of our activity is the cooperation with universities and scientific centers from both countries.

In addition, we closely cooperate with the Israeli Embassy in Warsaw, the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Tel-Aviv, the Federation of Israeli Chamber of Commerce, the National Chamber of Commerce in Warsaw, the Manufacturers’ Association of Israel and the Israel Export Institute.

We invite you to cooperation.



In order to become a Member of the Polish-Israeli Chamber of Commerce please complete the Membership Application Form.

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Please send the following document by email address: office@polishisraeli.org