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New member of Polish-Israeli Chamber of Commerce – Expansio Sp. z o.o.

30 August 2019

It is a pleasure to announce that “EXPANSIO Sp. z o.o.” became a new member of Polish-Israeli Chamber of Commerce.

Expansio is a polish Software House that concentrates on start-up’s development. So far, Expansio has built 3 start-ups that are now developing:

a) CodeAll (www.codeall.fun) – a tool for teaching programming science with the use of the chatbot and sensors of Internet of Things.

b) Enter the game – a mobile educational game for corporations, used among others in Volkswagen Poznań.

c) Tinkerer – Beacons for industry, used among others in Wielton S.A in Wieluń.

Expansio also helps in building web applications and mobile applications for its clients and in developing their start-ups.

You are kindly invited to visit a website of Expansio:


30 August 2019